Friday, August 13, 2010

Hard Core Love - Lenore Kandel

Do you believe me when I say you're beautiful
I stand here and look at you out of the vision of my eyes
and into the vision of your eyes and I see you and you're an
and I see you and you're divine and I see you and you're a
divine animal
and you're beautiful
the divine is not separate from the beast; it is the total creature that
transcends itself
the messiah that has been invoked is already here
you are the messiah waiting to be born again into your awareness
you are beautiful; we are all beautiful
you are divine; we are all divine
divinity becomes apparent on it's own recognition
accept the being that you are
and illuminate yourself by your own clear light

(Photo source)

I think I've found a new wild woman to explore! Many thanks to Blogger for sharing this wonderful 'Blog of Note' today - Cabinet of Curiosities - the source of my discovery.

I'm off to learn more about Lenore Kandel....

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